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7 Great Reasons to Advertise in ABC Magazines

We offer your business affordable and effective advertising. Here are 7 great reasons to advertise your business with us:

1. Targeted Distribution

We use our extensive local knowledge of Northumberland and North Tyneside, and our decade of magazine distributing experience, to target estates where residents have a proven track record of responding to local magazine advertising. We target homes in affluent areas, many of which are in established estates where residents are mortgage free, with high levels of disposable income, and many of whom are not on social media.

2.  Size of Distribution

ABC and Select are the largest printed magazines in Northumberland and North Tyneside. The magazines reach a total of over 60,000 households every edition. We also deliver to hundreds of local drop off outlets, meaning our magazines are read by over 150,000 local residents every two months.

3. Cost & Value for Money

With adverts starting from as little as £42, and a combined reach of over 60,000 local homes across our portfolio of magazines, ABC Magazines are affordable for all businesses, and provide the best value for money of any local advertising platform.

4. Longevity of Magazines

ABC Magazines have a proven long shelf life. The quality of content, and the inclusion of events pages and local editorial features and exclusive offers, mean that the magazines are seen as THE guide to the local area. Magazines are read and retained by local residents, giving your advert an unrivalled shelf life.

5. Quality of Content

Editorial content is vitally important to us. Our magazines are split 50/50 between advertising and editorial, with most of our articles written by us or local contributors, and all of the articles are exclusive to ABC. This ensures local residents keep reading our publications to find out what’s new and what’s happening in the local area.

6. In-House Distribution Team

We deliver every single copy of ABC  ourselves. We do not use outside companies as it is important to us that we know where every copy goes. This means we can guarantee that every single copy of our magazines will be working hard to get you a response.

7. Results

We have many customers who have advertised with us for years and who use our whole portfolio of magazines. In fact over 80% of our advertisers have been using us for more than three years. This shows that ABC gets customers a good response, and that the magazines work for local businesses!

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Richard on 07526 522272, send an email to: or complete our contact form and we can send you a copy of our media pack.