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Learn French with Lingua Forme

If you fancy learning a new language, Barbara from Lingua Forme is on hand to help.
By Margery Wilson

Do you set off on holiday to sunnier climes hoping that the hotel staff, waiters, shop assistants, bar staff, etc. all speak English? I always promise myself that I’ll learn a few words, even if it’s just ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, but I never seem to get round to it (and anyway I’m too old to go back to school I tell myself!)

Yes, I’m one of the vast army of tourists who use the excuses ‘learning a language is too hard;  learning a language will take too long; everyone speaks English don’t they’ to justify my lack of positive action!

Learning a new language can be a very fulfilling experience, whether it is something you want to do as a family, are a regular traveller looking to increase your language range, a mature couple retiring abroad, or if you are simply keen to learn.

With this in mind, let us introduce you to Barbara, owner of Lingua Forme Ltd, who runs French conversation classes and one-to-one tuition. Barbara is a fully qualified teacher of French with has several years’ experience. She has lived and taught in France, in Metz situated in the beautiful Lorraine region.  There are about 220 million French-speakers world-wide, so French really can be a ‘Lingua Franca’.

Barbara, owner of Lingua Forme, is a fully qualified teacher of French with several years’ experience.


If you were taught French at school, you may remember it as a less than enjoyable time, sitting in rows chanting phrases and declining verbs on end. If you have been away from school for a number of years you may feel embarrassed to be back in a learning situation and unwilling to take the first step. It can take a lot of courage to go through the door for the first time but the effort will be well worth while. For these reasons, let her explain how she runs her sessions.

“We sit round a table in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and share knowledge, chat and exchange news. Learning is not confined to any one method but encompasses books, handouts, videos and CD’s. We also play games and learn in a supportive atmosphere where NO question is a stupid question (often the question YOU ask is what other people wanted to know but couldn’t pluck up the courage to ask.) So, all you need to become a proficient French speaker is dedication, hard work and a willingness to learn (and with a lot of laughs sprinkled through the sessions.)”

Barbara also runs extra classes for A level, GCSE and one-to-one tuition, just call her to discuss availability and times.

Barbara is presently running classes in Morpeth, Seaton Sluice and Whitley Bay, covering all levels from beginners to advanced, so please get in touch if you are interested. At the classes you watch videos, listen to CDs and play games, all aimed at making learning fun. The classes are all aimed at putting you at ease and making you want to learn. At Linga Forme no question is a stupid question – it really is a great environment to learn the language.

So, why not impress your friends, family and the hotel and restaurant staff on your next visit to the country, and learn a new language – it is never too late to learn French!

For more information contact Barbara on 07946 115 256, email or visit