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Nick Knowles with the Northumbria Flooring Team

Northumbria Flooring Answers the DIY SOS Call Again

Northumbria Flooring & Furniture, with branches in Blyth and North Shields Royal Quays Outlet Centre, once again took part in the hit BBC TV show DIY SOS, this time on a project in Longframlington.

Northumbria Flooring previously donated and fitted all the carpets for an episode of the programme, which aired in 2019, featuring a property in North Shields. The BBC contacted the team once again for their latest project in the area, and they were only too happy to answer the call and help out.

This project was to help the Owen family, who have four generations living together, including daughter Bobbie, who has severe disabilities, autism and epilepsy, and her mum and nan, who both live with medical conditions too.

Once again, working their magic, the DIY SOS team renovated the home within ten days, making a safe environment for the whole family to live in comfortably.

Speaking to the owners of Northumbria Flooring, James & Micheal, they shared their experience of being able to help and support this worthy cause. 

“It’s been our pleasure and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The process began with meeting the design team from the BBC on a trades day. We spoke with Gaby and the team to identify styles and colours they would like. After measuring up, we went back to them with a donation of a whole house of quality wool carpets, antique brass door bars and underlay. We also fitted an engineered oak flooring throughout the ground floor.

“We took 9 of our team to ensure the job was completed in a swift time over two evenings and a Sunday. It is a great feeling to be able to give back to the local community and full credit to our team, who gladly gave up their spare time to help with the project. It was overwhelming to see how many tradespeople turned out, and we were proud to be one of them.”

“The whole DIY SOS team, Nick, Chris, Gaby & Jules are so nice to work with, and Billy is just hilarious, constantly making everyone laugh.”

The show aired on Tuesday 31st May and is available on BBC iPlayer and catch-up.