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Is your Conservatory too Warm in the Summer and Too Cold in the Winter?

If you’re fed up with your conservatory being either freezing cold or blistering hot. Here, Thermos Roof explain how they
have the answer…

Conservatories are a fantastic space to enjoy whilst looking out onto your garden, they are bright, spacious and give you a great sense of closeness to the outdoors. However, as most conservatory owners will know, whilst they bring all of those benefits, it is usually short lived and can only be enjoyed for two or three months of the year, the rest of those months being either freezing cold or blisteringly hot. 

At Thermos Roof, we have been insulating conservatory roofs since 2005 for two main reasons, firstly to increase its insulating performance and secondly to enhance its internal aesthetic appearance.

Experience will have shown you that in the winter as soon as you open the door the heat is sucked out of your room into the conservatory and, during the summer, it becomes a dazzling sauna that’s so hot you need a fan to cool you down. At Thermos Roof we can transform your conservatory from a room you barely use into a room that you can enjoy all year round, because the temperature is comfortable and constant, you will even be able to watch TV or use a computer without sunglasses. What is most impressive is that we can do this all in one day! With no mess!

We retain your existing polycarbonate or glass roof and insulate it from the inside, finishing it in an attractive gloss white tongue and groove PVC cladding that matches perfectly with the rest of your conservatory construction. The materials we use are lightweight, therefore no roof strengthening is required, no planning application is necessary and no long periods of mess and upheaval in your home. In addition to this the look and finish of your Thermos Roof will be as fresh in 10 years as it is now.

The performance of the lightweight insulation system will equal that of vastly more expensive options, with less mess and waste, and less time to install saving you thousands of pounds and allowing you to enjoy your conservatory immediately. 

We can install a Thermos Roof to conservatories of any size or shape transforming them into a flowing extension of your living space wherein its use is not dictated by the external weather conditions, it will become warm in winter and cool in summer.

In addition to the above benefits, our team will eliminate mould and condensation, reduce rain, noise and serve to cover up an unsightly dirty roof. The gloss white finish will make it brighter in the evenings by reflecting light and will give your conservatory that WOW factor, making it a great place to relax or work.

All installations come with a 5 year warranty and we guarantee that you will be amazed with both the improved appearance and the insulating performance of your new roof.

We offer a free quotation service for the installation of your Thermos Roof and, should you require it, we can also undertake maintenance works to repair or replace gutters, fascias, soffits, window sills, roof panels and leaking roofs. 

Please give us a call today on 01670 828 695 to start the ball rolling to making full use of your Conservatory!