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Our very first magazine, covering Ashington, Bedlington and Cramlington (hence ABC!) The first issue went out in December 2008, and we have been delivering results for advertisers ever since! The magazine is viewed as THE go to publication in the local area. In 2018 we doubled the size of our coverage in South East Northumberland, adding ABC Wansbeck to our portfolio. This means that ABC North now covers Bedlington, Morpeth and Cramlington only, reaching more homes in these areas than any other free magazine. We reach the sought after homes in each area, targeting desirable estates, home to affluent residents with high levels of disposable income, shop local, are receptive to our free magazine, and many of whom are not on social media. ABC North is distributed, free, bi-monthly, by our own distribution team. Your message goes straight to some of the finest residential homes in the above areas. What’s more it stays there – ABC North is read, kept and passed on, working for you long after publication date. Trust ABC North – the cost-effective formula that’s worked for hundreds of advertisers for over 10 years. Booking deadlines


Our newest ABC publication.

ABC Wansbeck is our newest magazine, launching summer 2018, covering Ashington, Stakeford, Pegswood and North Seaton. Launching ABC Wansbeck has allowed us to increase our total circulation of magazines in South East Northumberland to 25,000 every 2 months, more than treble that of any other magazine group in the region. What’s more, our rate card is significantly less than those publications who only have a quarter of our circulation of ABC.

This means ABC Wansbeck and ABC North deliver up to four times the number of magazines, for less cost, than any other local magazine in the area.

Between ABC North and ABC Wansbeck our magazines cover Morpeth, Cramlington, Bedlington, Ashington, Stakeford and Pegswood, giving your advert unrivalled coverage in these areas.

We target established estates, with residents who have good levels of disposable income, are receptive to print media, many of whom are not on social media. 

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Whitley Bay & Monkseaton edition

ABC South launched in 2009, and reached tens of thousands of local residents in Whitley Bay, Whitley Lodge and Monkseaton. We deliver to thousands of highly sort after residential homes in the below areas, targeting affluent residents who shop local, have high levels of disposable income, are receptive to our free magazine and many of whom are not on social media.

We ensure ABC is packed with the latest local new stories, local business features, what’s on, events, and many more aspirational editorial articles. We include more local editorial features every edition than any other magazine in North Tyneside, and work closely with local groups and chambers of trade to make sure we are letting local residents know all that is good in the area.

Because of it’s extensive editorial content, ABC South is read and kept, working for you long after publication date.  Trust ABC South – the cost-effective and trusted advertising platform that has worked for hundreds of advertisers for over 10 years.

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North Shields & Tynemouth Edition

ABC South has been the largest bi-monthly magazine in North Tyneside since it’s launch in 2009. Due to huge demand from customers, and local residents contacting us to ask if they can also receive a copy of ABC, in 2020 we are DOUBLING the amount of copies of ABC we print, and are splitting the area in two. This means we will now be printing 25,000 copies of ABC SOUTH every 2 months, 12,500 to each area on alternate months. 

Trust ABC South – the magazine that reaches more homes locally than any other. 

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