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8 Tips for a Clutter Free Kitchen by Cath Hindle

Professional decluttering and organising expert Cath Hindle shares her 8 top tips to get your kitchen clutter under control. 

There is a famous William Morris quote that I return to everyday when I’m helping people to declutter:

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Apply this saying to any space that you want to organise and you won’t go far wrong but it is especially pertinent in the kitchen.

Kitchens are receptacles for no end of clutter. Gadgets, electricals, old crockery, drawers of screwdrivers, old letters and bank statements, lightbulbs, blue tac and string; all of which are hidden behind cupboard doors. Cupboards are great storage but can also become easily cluttered and full if not sorted regularly which means you don’t make full use of or get the most benefit from the things you need or love.

Here’s some top tips for keeping your kitchen fully functioning and clutter free:

  1. When decluttering any room, it’s useful to think about the stuff that you use most often. So, in terms of the kitchen think utensils, pans, crockery, glasses and store the things that you use most next to the area that you use them. Mugs above the kettle, pans near the hob etc.
  2. Whilst on the subject of mugs – if you don’t want to drink your tea out of it, get rid!! Overstuffed mug cupboards bring no joy. Lose a few chipped and ugly ones and see how you feel.
  3. By thinking about the stuff you do use (see point 1), you will automatically wheedle out the stuff you don’t. Then, separate the things you use occasionally or want to keep from the stuff you don’t. Bin, scrap or pass on the unwanted items immediately. Pass it on groups on Facebook are great for this as are some charity shops. British Heart Foundation take electrical appliances (I once had a client who got rid of 6 George Forman grills!!)
  4. Now think about how you use your kitchen. Do you entertain? How many people can you fit round the table? No point keeping a casserole dish for 12 if you never invite folks round and don’t like stew for example.
  5. As a general rule, I suggest keeping double the amount your household needs. There is four of us at Clear the Clutter HQ so we have 8 of most things (except bowls – I love bowls – see good old William Morris quote above).
  6. A good tip is use to use small baskets or take away boxes to store things like clip its, bottle openers etc. They still fit in your drawers but allow you to group things. This also works under the kitchen sink where dishwasher tablets and tea towels can disappear forever. Use large baskets that you can pull out so you can see your washing up liquid from your oven cleaner.
  7. Speaking of Tupperware, if space allows, stack the bottoms in one drawer and the lids in the drawer above or stack the lids in an empty tub. This makes them much easier to pair up.
  8. Finally, don’t forget your food. Regularly check for out of date stuff. Don’t put new shopping in front of old stuff. That’s how you end up with lots of corned beef in the back of the cupboard. Store like with like and if possible, stack tins. If you cook with herbs and spices, use a shoe box to store the jars in and write the name on the top of each one so you can easily locate what you need.

If you need help organising your home visit or contact Cath on 07982044 639, email